Distinguished Student Scholarship (Brown County)

This application is ONLY for students who received the Distinguished Student Award at their high school’s senior award ceremony. This is NOT an opportunity that students can apply to; you MUST be nominated for this scholarship and invited to complete this application.

Every year, school counselors and administrators at each of the 18 Brown and Door County high schools that Scholarships, Inc. serves nominate one outstanding senior for the Scholarships, Inc. Distinguished Student Award. Recipients of this honor are recognized for demonstrating strong academic performance and leadership, and their commitment to serving the community.

Supplemental Questions

    For students who were selected as their school's Distinguished Student and received an email from Scholarships, Inc. with a request for more information.

    ****SUBMISSION DEADLINE: end of day on JUNE 12, 2019****
    You must submit this application by the deadline to receive the scholarship you were nominated for.

    Scholarship recipients are expected to attend our Lamp of Knowledge Celebration on July 24, 2019 in Green Bay - you will receive an invitation via mail in mid-June.

    As the Applicant, you are responsible for ensuring that your application meets all requirements, and for providing Scholarships, Inc. with correct and current information so we can contact you about your application and/or award. We are not responsible for missed communication due to incorrect or outdated information that you have entered.

  2. What high school are you graduating from?:
  3. Were you selected as the Distinguished Student for your high school in 2019?
  4. Your PRIMARY Email Address
    This should be an email address you will continue using AFTER high school graduation.
    Scholarships, Inc. mainly uses email to communicate with students - we will notify you of funding, awards, approaching deadlines and all information/requests using your Primary Email Address.
    Scholarships, Inc. is not responsible for emails not received by the applicant.
  5. Upload a recent photo of yourself OR your senior portrait (in JPEG, TIF, GIF or PNG format) to be used at our award ceremony and/or for other promotional purposes.
    Acceptance of a scholarship constitutes permission for Scholarships, Inc. to use your name and likeness for future promotion of the organization.
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